Loan Originator Performance Trends: How to Build a Team of Hall of Fame Originators

Download this white paper to get a closer look at how your bottom line is being impacted by each performance tier and to learn tips for how you can build a team of hall of fame originators.
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About the White Paper

In athletics, it is easy to spot a world-class athlete versus a probable benchwarmer. The skills, speed, motivation, and drive are evident in a few practices. When a little league baseball team is formed with kids as young as five years old, coaches intuitively know who is going to be the star players and who will be their outfield dandelion pickers.

Is it just as easy to identify top producing loan originators versus low producers? We think it is.

Using data available from our automated incentive compensation management platform CompenSafe, we sampled the production of 5,500 loan originators over a 30-month period to see how different performance tiers impact your bottom line. 

This white paper provides a fresh look at the performance of loan originators, taking a closer look at how your bottom line is being impacted by different performance tiers and uses examples from some of the greatest sports coaches of all time to help you build a hall of fame team.