Automated Incentive Compensation Management Platform for Mortgage Lenders

LBA Ware CompenSafe Platform

"Everybody in my shoes is thinking about how we can improve productivity, stay very competitive, customize compensation within regulatory bounds, correctly document employee compensation and still make our sales people very happy. CompenSafe has helped us manage all of that while providing a transparent window into the process and that’s been great."

Jason Madeido
CEO, Alterra Home Loans

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Automated Loan Compensation Calculations

CompenSafe alleviates manual calculation and dual data entry by automating your loan originator commissions, processor bonuses, and other commission-based employees compensation calculations. CompenSafe helps your branch greatly reduce the time spent on completing compensation reports each payroll period and lend confidently knowing all your transactions are automatically tied to detailed loan records and reports.


Lender Performance Monitoring Made Easy

CompenSafe’s scorecards are an optimal way for your loan originators, account executives, branch managers, and corporate executives to measure key performance indicators at the employee, branch, region, and corporate levels. Scorecards provide an efficient way to monitor and evaluate sales activity, progress, and performance, and uncover trends over time by having the metrics that matter most at your fingertips.

Unlock Your Lending Potential

By integrating with your LOS, CompenSafe provides intuitive, on-demand sales and operational insight into your mortgage lending productivity. Its visual snapshots of your loan activity offer sales teams and managers pipeline management tools for evaluating success, opportunities, and areas in need of improvement. CompenSafe provides a range of pipeline reports that help guide strategy and unlock your lending potential.

Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets and Start Automating Commission Calculations

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